How do I make money on Otis? What are my liquidity options?

When you purchase shares in an Otis offering, you invest in an ownership stake in a mini-company that owns and operates a specific asset. If the value of that asset rises, so does the value of your shares. If the asset is acquired at a price higher than its costs to operate, you share in the appreciated value. Otis is a long-term oriented investor, which gives you the ability to be patient in finding attractive exit opportunity for each investment. We are also working on bringing a secondary market to our platform.  

[Disclosure] There is currently no public trading market for our Interests, and an active market may not develop or be sustained. There is no guarantee that appropriate regulatory approval to permit such secondary trading will ever be obtained. If an active public trading market for our securities does not develop or is not sustained, it may be difficult or impossible for you to resell your shares at any price. Even if a public market does develop, the market price could decline below the amount you paid for your shares.

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